Slovenia – a Best Rated Place!

by David Robertson ~ 28-Oct-2009 ~ updated 05-Nov-2009

Slovenia is 6th out of 133 in the National Geographic Traveller’s “Best Rated Places” list.  Quite right too!

Church of St Primoz near Jamnik

Church of St Primoz near Jamnik

Here is the verdict –

    The northernmost of the former Yugoslavia’s republics, Slovenia wins praise for being “. . . savvy about balancing tourism with cultural and historical preservation”.
    Ljubljana, the capital, is “. . . colorful, vibrant, and architecturally appealing . . .”
    and “Slovenia’s Alps and wine country remain among the most sustainable and authentic places to visit in Europe”.

If you are thinking of going but are not sure, then read the other comments from the judging panel. And when you have done that, book your trip!

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