Bovec, Soča Valley, Slovenia

by David Robertson ~ 01-Oct-2009 ~ updated 29-Jul-2019
Kayaking on the River Soca, Slovenia

Kayaking on the River Soca, Slovenia

Bovec is popular with many sporting enthusiasts; including kayakers and rafters who come for the rapids of the River Soča; paragliders who come for the thermals and superb flying conditions of the Soča Valley; in winter, skiers visit Slovenia’s highest ski station on Mt. Kanin; and, of course, hikers and walkers come to climb the surrounding mountains, wander through the fields, explore the nearby villages and walk beside the scenic River Soča.

The town centre is small but attractive (it received a makeover in 2009) and is packed with tourist agencies and sport shops.

Attractions around Bovec

    • The River Soča – a draw for kayakers from all over Europe.  Truely, a most beautiful river, sometimes acqua-marine in colour, sometimes blue, sometimes wild and raging, sometimes, gentle and placid, the river has areas suitable for beginner kayakers as well those more experienced.  There are opportunities for rafting too.
Slap Boka waterfall, Slovenia

Slap Boka waterfall, Slovenia

  • Slap Boka – The magnificent Boka waterfall, easily seen from the main road to Kobarid, is an awe-inspiring sight.
  • The Kluže Fortress – Built by the Austrians in 1882, it stands high above the ravine of the Koritnica River.  There is an exhibition about the WWI Soča Front and refreshments are available.
  • Log pod Mangartom – hemmed in by 2000m+ mountains this village is well worth a visit.  Almost hidden away behind the village church there is an Austrian-Hungarian WWI cemetery.  The village suffered a huge landslide in November 2000, which sadly took the lives of seven people.
  • The Kanin Cable Car – ascending approximately 1800m in 6km.  Nearby the Restreljenik snack bar there is a geological interpretive trail and marked paths lead over the Kanin range.


We have just the one walk around Bovec in our book, but eight altogether in the Soča Valley.

Accommodation in Bovec

Bovec has hotels, pensions, apartments and guest houses. There are also plenty of campsites within just a few miles.

**Book Bovec, Slovenia with Hostelbookers**

We advise you to book in the summer months! The Bovec Local Tourist Board has lots of useful information.


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Public transport

Bovec is easily reached by bus.

Bovec has a good range of shops, cafes and restaurants.  Trips, excursions and activities of all kinds can be booked at the Bovec Local Tourist Board.

Overlooking the Bovec Basin from Svinjak

Overlooking the Bovec Basin from Svinjak

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