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Slovenia video – the Green Piece of Europe

Hay drying in Trenta

Hay drying in Trenta

Ths is a lovely video of still images of Slovenia and a great introduction to this wonderful country. The pictures have no captions but its fun guessing the locations.

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Free WiFi Internet locations in Slovenia


More and more of us are using the Internet when on holiday or travelling abroad these days, but one of the biggest problems is finding a reliable WiFi hotspot, preferably a free one! I came across a post today on which linked to the Google map below.

Credit for the map belongs to Blaž, a Slovenian blogger. MKL   … Read the rest

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Affiliate advertising

Sarah and David

Sarah and David

To fund the Slovenia-Walking website we use advertising.  Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you would purchase your travel books and maps (or any other items for that matter) at Amazon via our Bookshop or other Amazon links on the site. We also use Google Adsense to supply relevant (hopefully!) advertisements, some of which we trust   … Read the rest

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10 Highest Mountains in Slovenia


All but one of 10 highest mountains in Slovenia are to be found in the Julian Alps, within the boundary of the Triglav National Park, the sole exception being Grintovec, the highest mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Many of these great summits can be reached by the walker who has a head for heights and enjoys some easy scrambling. Some   … Read the rest

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Waterfalls in Slovenia – our 10 favourites


Here is a list of our 10 favourite waterfalls in Slovenia (in no particular order).

Slap Boka waterfall, Slovenia

Slap Boka waterfall, Slovenia

  • Slap Savica, Bohinj

    Slap Savica

    1. Slap Savica – 78m fall.

    This magnificent waterfall is fed by underground channels that lead from the Triglav Seven Lakes Valley. Slap Savica is the source of the Sava Bohinjka.

    Access: A 20 minute walk from the car

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Some reasons why you should visit Slovenia


Logarska Dolina

Logarska Dolina

Here’s a really nice article that seems to sum up a lot of what is so good about Slovenia and the Slovenians. Read it and you will want to go.  … Read the rest

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Slovenia, member of the European Union.

Slovenia, member of the European Union.

Its Slovenia, not Slovakia!

It seems that these two countries get mixed up more than I thought.  Here’s an interesting article on a comparison with Slovakia and why Slovenia should rebrand itself. I’ve never had a problem, but then again, I can read a map!

Update – 16/01/10

Still confused? I hope   … Read the rest

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Website makeover

Previous version of Slovenia-Walking

Previous version of Slovenia-Walking

I’ve been brushing up my CSS skills over the last few days and given Slovenia-Walking a bit of a makeover (there was a bit of Photoshop work involved too). One problem I have is that the white navigation links are hard to see if images are turned off. Can anyone suggest a fix for that without   … Read the rest


A 12 Day Walking Tour in the Julian Alps of Slovenia

Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain

Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain

In the autumn of 2009 David and I completed one of the most exciting and exhilarating walking trips we have ever done, a grand walking tour in the Julian Alps. Since our first visit to Slovenia in 2001 we had always dreamed of climbing Triglav and incorporating this challenge into a circular walk and sleeping in   … Read the rest

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A drive over the Vršič Pass, or Russian Road


The Vršič Pass, which rises to a height of 1611 metres, is the highest pass in Slovenia. It connects, in the north, the Sava Dolinka Valley in

Vršič Pass - mountain view

Vršič Pass – mountain view

Gorenjska to the the Soča Valley in Primorska, in the south. The road, impassable in the winter months, is an exhilarating and spectacular drive, climbing and descending 49   … Read the rest

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