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Free WiFi Internet locations in Slovenia


More and more of us are using the Internet when on holiday or travelling abroad these days, but one of the biggest problems is finding a reliable WiFi hotspot, preferably a free one! I came across a post today on which linked to the Google map below.

Credit for the map belongs to Blaž, a Slovenian blogger. MKL   … Read the rest

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Affiliate advertising


Sarah and David

Sarah and David

To fund the Slovenia-Walking website we use advertising. If you would like to support us and our website please consider reserving your hotel or apartment in Slovenia via Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you would purchase your travel books and maps (or any other items for that matter) at Amazon via our Bookshop  … Read the rest

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Website makeover

Previous version of Slovenia-Walking

Previous version of Slovenia-Walking

I’ve been brushing up my CSS skills over the last few days and given Slovenia-Walking a bit of a makeover (there was a bit of Photoshop work involved too). One problem I have is that the white navigation links are hard to see if images are turned off. Can anyone suggest a fix for that without   … Read the rest