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New Slovenia Tourist Board Office in London


Beside Lake Bled

The Slovenia Tourist Board have a new location in London

Address & Contact details –

    Information Office of the Slovenian Tourist Board in London is located on the ground floor of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia:

    17 Dartmouth Street
    London SW1H 9BL
    United Kingdom

    Mladen Ljubisic
    Head of UK & Ireland Communications
    Slovenian Tourist

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Free WiFi Internet locations in Slovenia


More and more of us are using the Internet when on holiday or travelling abroad these days, but one of the biggest problems is finding a reliable WiFi hotspot, preferably a free one! I came across a post today on which linked to the Google map below.

Credit for the map belongs to Blaž, a Slovenian blogger. MKL   … Read the rest

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Mountain huts in Slovenia

Vodnikov Dom

Vodnikov Dom

There are over 170 mountain huts in Slovenia, including huts (dom or koča), shelters and bivouacs , operated by 94 mountain clubs, under the umbrella organisation of the Planinske zveze Slovenije (PZS) or Alpine Association of Slovenia. Whilst the shelters and bivouacs have no provisions, the mountain huts cater for all needs of the walker and   … Read the rest

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Weather, climate and the best time to go to Slovenia

Storm clearing over the Soča Valley

Summer storm clearing over the Soča Valley

For such a small country, Slovenia has a widely varying climate that can be neatly divided into three types or zones.

  • A Continental climate in eastern Slovenia, characterised by hot summers and very cold winters.
  • A Mediterranean climate on the coast and in much of Primorska, characterised by warm, mild winters and sunny
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Mountain safety and rescue in Slovenia


Mountain Safety

Snow in early September, Julian Alps

Snow in early September, Julian Alps

The mountain environment is a place of grandeur, wonder and excitement.  It is also a place of danger and a bit of bad luck such as a simple stumble can easily turn into a life-threatening situation.  If you are prepared, have the right equipment and know how to use it, you can   … Read the rest

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Clothing and walking equipment


walking sticks

All walkers will have their personal preferences for items of clothing and equipment, some carrying bulging rucksacks packed with everything needed for for all eventualities, some taking a more minimalist approach. Our recommendations are no more than that, but you should wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather, the season and the altitude at which you are walking,   … Read the rest


Maps for Walking in Slovenia


Slovenia map for walking

Slovenia has excellent maps for walking, with the Julian Alps/Triglav National Park and all other mountain areas being particularly well covered at the 1:50 000 scale,  published by PZS. There are some 1:30 000 and 1:25 000 sheets available too for the Bohinj, Bled, Triglav, Kranjska Gora and Bovec areas.  Although our book has maps for each walk, we really   … Read the rest

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