Julius Kugy – a mountaineer, botanist and author.

by David Robertson ~ 30-Sep-2009 ~ updated 19-Nov-2009

Julius Kugy (1858 – 1944)

At an early age Kugy became interested in botany and this soon led him to Trenta and the Julian Alps. He first climbed Triglav when he was 17 years old and is famous for his ascent of Škrlatica, Slovenia’s second highest peak. In total he recorded over 50 new routes. During his lifetime Kugy explored throughout the whole Alpine region but it was to the Julian Alps that he kept returning and it is these mountains, that most of his writings are about.

He wrote seven books about his experiences in the mountains and the guides who accompanied him on his ventures.

Julius Kugy Monument in Trenta

Julius Kugy Monument in Trenta

His most famous work, published in 1925 is “Aus dem Leben eines Bergsteigers” (From the Life of an Alpine-Climber) and it was through his books that the beauty of the Julian Alps became known to the wider world.

Kugy also helped found the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden in Trenta.

A fine monument now stands beside the road above Trenta at Hairpin No.48 on the road to Vršič, which we visit on our walk around Trenta. Sculpted by Jakob Savinšek, the statue of Kugy is looking west to the fine peak of Jalovec.

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