Maps for Walking in Slovenia

by David Robertson ~ 18-Sep-2009 ~ updated 29-Jul-2019

Slovenia map for walking

Slovenia has excellent maps for walking, with the Julian Alps/Triglav National Park and all other mountain areas being particularly well covered at the 1:50 000 scale,  published by PZS. There are some 1:30 000 and 1:25 000 sheets available too for the Bohinj, Bled, Triglav, Kranjska Gora and Bovec areas.  Although our book has maps for each walk, we really do recommend that you carry a map as well, most especially in the mountains.

Maps are easily purchased in Slovenia from tourist shops, some campsites and the local tourist board offices.

We do not use GPS but we have enjoyed using the digital mapping provided by Viewranger for use on smartphones.  Viewranger offer, in one very reasonably priced package, the whole of Slovenia at 1:25 000 scale.  The map is getting a little outdated but we found it accurate enough in the mountains.  Its a backup and fun, but we would not rely on it!

But if you would like to plan ahead then you can easily buy them in the UK from the outlets, listed below.

Note: these links are provided purely for our users convenience and we receive no financial benefit from any purchases made.

Please leave a comment below, or contact us, if you have some up to date information that you think might be useful or any suggestions to improve Slovenia-walking.

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