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22. Mostnica Gorge Walk and the Voje Valley, Bohinj, Slovenia

22. Mostnica Gorge Walk and the Voje Valley, Bohinj, Slovenia

Walk 22 – along the Mostnica Gorge and the Voje Valley, beginning at Stara Fužina, from a Walking Guide to Slovenia.

Sloncek, an underwater arch in the Mostnica Gorge
Slonćek, an underwater arch in the Mostnica Gorge

Starting at the pretty village of Stara Fužina, this walk explores the Mostnica Gorge (Mostnica Korita) and the meadows of the alpine Voje Valley as far as the Slap Mostnice waterfall (also known as Slap Voje).

Start/Finish – Stara Fužina or Ribčev Laz (see Updates)

Slap Voje
Slap Voje

Distance – 11.3km/7miles

Height gain – approx 230m

Time – 2h49min

Grade – easy; mainly on good paths and tracks.

Recommended map(s) – are the 1:50 000 Triglavski Narodni Park or the Julijske Alpe vzhodni del (eastern) maps, published by PZS.  There are also the 1:25 000 Bohinjsko jezero and Triglav maps, again by PZS.

Equipment – Walking shoes, walking sticks. See our clothing and walking equipment page for more recommendations.

Refreshments on route – Available at Slap Mostnice in season and at Planinska Koča na Vojah mountain hut on Saturdays. See our mountain huts of Slovenia page more information.

Updates to the 2019, 5th EditionThere are no updates.

Public transport – Ribčev Laz is easily reached by bus. There is a more limited service to Stara Fužina.

Car parking in Bohinj – there is a parking charge at all car-parks beside or near Lake Bohinj. For more details see, our Bohinj information page.

Nearest Town/VillageBohinjska Bistrica. In the town and nearby villages, including Ribčev Laz there is a wide range of hotels, apartments, guesthouses and rooms plus there are a couple of camping sites – Camp Danica at Bohinjska Bistrica is our favourite. The town also has a good range of shops too.

Mostnica Gorge
Mostnica Gorge

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