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WWI Isonzo Front, the Soča Valley, Slovenia

Memorial on Batognica

WWI Isonzo Front memorial on Batognica

World War One began on 28 July 1914, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia.  Two opposing blocks entered the war, The Allies, composed of France, Great Britain and Russia on one side and the Central Powers of Germany, Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey on the other.  At this stage Italy had not entered   … Read the rest

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13. Bovec and the River Soča Walk


Walk 13 – along the River Soča and around the Bovec Basin, from a Walking Guide to Slovenia.

Rafting on the River Soca

Rafting on the River Soča

Beginning in the centre of Bovec this walk follows the banks of the River Soča before heading through the villages of Kal and Koritnica. A rural walk through quite countryside with superb mountain views.

Start/Finish –   … Read the rest

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Bovec, Soča Valley, Slovenia

Kayaking on the River Soca, Slovenia

Kayaking on the River Soca, Slovenia

Bovec is popular with many sporting enthusiasts; including kayakers and rafters who come for the rapids of the River Soča; paragliders who come for the thermals and superb flying conditions of the Soča Valley; in winter, skiers visit Slovenia’s highest ski station on Mt. Kanin; and, of course, hikers and walkers come to climb   … Read the rest

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