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A drive over the Vršič Pass, or Russian Road


The Vršič Pass, which rises to a height of 1611 metres, is the highest pass in Slovenia. It connects, in the north, the Sava Dolinka Valley in

Vršič Pass - mountain view

Vršič Pass – mountain view

Gorenjska to the the Soča Valley in Primorska, in the south. The road, impassable in the winter months, is an exhilarating and spectacular drive, climbing and descending 49   … Read the rest

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WWI Isonzo Front, the Soča Valley, Slovenia

Memorial on Batognica

WWI Isonzo Front memorial on Batognica

World War One began on 28 July 1914, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia.  Two opposing blocks entered the war, The Allies, composed of France, Great Britain and Russia on one side and the Central Powers of Germany, Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey on the other.  At this stage Italy had not entered   … Read the rest

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Tolmin, Slovenia


Tolmin is the main administrative centre of the Upper Soča Valley but seems to miss out as a major tourist destination. The River Soča is now wider and more placid and less attractive to kayakers and rafters, the hills lower and wooded and less exciting than their neighbouring mountains further up the valley. But hidden in nearby valleys are a   … Read the rest

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15. Krn – a mountain walk


Walk 15 – Krn – a mountain walk, from a Walking Guide to Slovenia.

Cows on the lowers slopes of Krn

Cows on the lowers slopes of Krn

One of our favourite mountain walks. Mt Krn stands a little apart from the other mountains of the Julian Alps and so a climb to its summit is rewarded with fine views over the Triglav National Park, and   … Read the rest

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16. Kobarid Historical Walk

River Soča, near Kobarid, Slovenia

River Soča, near Kobarid, Slovenia

Walk 16 – The Kobarid Historical Walk, from a Walking Guide to Slovenia.

Following the Kobarid Historical Walk, we visit along the way the Italian Charnel House on the Hill of St Anthony and Tonocov Grad, a hilltop site used as a place of refuge and settlement over the centuries. The walk passes through   … Read the rest

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Kobarid, Slovenia

The Charnel House and Sv Anton, Kobarid

The Charnel House and Sv Anton, Kobarid

Kobarid, forever to be associated with WWI and the battles of the Isonzo Front, is a small town sitting a little above the River Soča and at the base of steep wooded mountains. Close to the border, Kobarid has a distinct Italian flavour. The Soča Valley narrows immediately to the north of   … Read the rest

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