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Waterfalls in Slovenia – our 10 favourites

Waterfalls in Slovenia – our 10 favourites

Here is a list of our 10 favourite waterfalls in Slovenia (in no particular order).

  • Slap Savica, Bohinj
    Slap Savica

    1. Slap Savica – 78m fall.

    This magnificent waterfall is fed by underground channels that lead from the Triglav Seven Lakes Valley. Slap Savica is the source of the Sava Bohinjka.

    Access: A 20 minute walk from the car park by Koča pri Savici, which is 4km west of Lake Bohinj. There is a small fee payable to view the waterfall.

    We visit Slap Savica on Walk 20. This walk starts at Ribčev Laz and includes a circuit of Lake Bohinj.

  • Slap Voje
    Slap Voje

    2. Slap Voje (also known as Slap Mostnice or Slap Šum) – 21m fall.

    Found at the head of the Voje Valley, it is a wonderful sight especially when in spate.

    Access: A pleasant walk of nearly 1 1/2 hours through the alpine Voje Valley from Stara Fužina, in Bohinj.

    We visit Slap Voje on Walk 22 which also takes a look at the dramatic Mostnice Gorge. Refreshments are available at Slap Mostnice in season and at the Planinska Koča na Vojah mountain hut on Saturdays.

  • Slap Peričnik
    Slap Peričnik

    3. Slap Peričnik – upper falls 16m, lower falls 52m.

    Very dramatic falls in a dramatic location. It is unusual to be able to walk behind a waterfall, but here you can do so at both falls.

    Access: About 4.5km along the Vrata road from Mojstrana. Park beside the Koča pri Peričniku.

    We visit Slap Peričnik as an alternative walk to our main walk which explores the head of the Vrata Valley. Refreshments are available from the Koča pri Peričniku mountain hut at the base of the falls.

  • Slap Boka
    Slap Boka

    4. Slap Boka – overall fall of 144m, with a single fall of 106m.

    This is Slovenia’s highest and most powerful waterfall. The waters gush out of the rock face high on Mt Kanin and plunge down into a rocky gorge – a very impressive sight.

    Access: Can be easily viewed from the Bovec – Kobarid road in the Soča Valley, near Žaga.

    To get a little nearer the waterfall, find the path on the west side of the river.  Its also possible to climb up to the source of the waterfall – the path starts on the east side but is a rough scramble in parts – be warned!.

  • Slap Kozjak
    Slap Kozjak

    5. Slap Kozjak – 15m fall.

    Small but beautiful! This slender, almost delicate, waterfall lies in a rocky cavern along the Kozjak stream which flows into the River Soča.

    Access: About an hours easy walk from Kobarid. It is possible to park near start walking from near the entrance Kamp Koren on the east side of the River Soča.

    We visit Slap Kozjak on Walk 16, which follows the Kobarid Historical Walk. Refreshments are available at Kamp Koren.

  • Veliki Šumik
    Veliki Šumik

    6. Veliki Šumik – 24m fall.

    Found deep in the heart of primeval forest (pragozd) on the Lobnica River on the Pohorje Massif. Veliki Šumik cascades down stepped rocks and is the uppermost of two falls. Downstream is Mali Šumik, altogether different in nature, a narrow chute in the rocks.

    Access: The easiest point of access that we have found is from the Šport Hotel Areh on the edge of the Pohorje Massif above Maribor. A forestry road leads east for about 7km to cross the River Lobnica.

    We visit Veliki Šumik om Walk 35. The riverside path was in poor condition when we last visited. The most awkward sections were protected by cables and metal pegs. The lower falls are a further 20 minutes downstream.

  • Slap Rinka
    Slap Rinka

    7. Slap Rinka – 105m fall.

    Situated at the head of the beautiful alpine valley of Logarska Dolina on the northern side of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Above is the source of the Savinja River.

    Access: There is a car park at the head of the valley and it is a 10 minute walk to the base of the waterfall.

    We visit Slap Rinka on Walk 40. Refreshments are available at the car park and from a small cafe beside the falls.

  • Izvir Soče
    Izvir Soče

    8. Izvir Soče

    We are not really sure if this counts as a waterfall as Izvir Soče (source of the River Soča) is more of a cascade. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful spot and worthy of inclusion!

    Access: Turn off the main Soča Valley road at the base of the Vršič Pass and drive up to the Koča pri Izviru Soče where is a car park. It is a 10 minute walk up to the source and the last section is an easy scramble.

    We visit Izvir Soče on Walk 12. Refreshments are available at Koča pri Izviru Soče.

  • Slap Pršjak
    Slap Pršjak

    9. Slap Pršjak – a series of falls, the highest (pictured) is 27m.

    Probably off the beaten track for most visitors but we think this waterfall is a gem! Lying in a wooded and secluded ravine the River Pršjak descends in a series of picturesque and graceful falls.

    Access: Park near the roadbridge over the River Pršjak, about 5km south of Dolenja Trebuša.

    We visit Slap Pršjak on Walk 26. It is just a 20 minute walk up to the tallest waterfall. Walk on for a few minutes more to reach another fall.

  • Spodnji Martuljek Slap
    Spodnji Martuljek Slap

    10. Martuljkovi slapovi – the Martuljek waterfalls. The upper (Zgornji) fall is over 100m high and the lower (Spodnji) one around 30m.

    The lower fall is quite spectacular, set in a deep rocky gorge. The higher fall is much higher on the mountain and has cut a deep groove in the rock face.

    Access: The lower fall is easily accessed from Godz Martuljek which is about 4km east of Kranjska Gora. In May of 2009 the lower approach to the gorge and the bottom fall were inaccessible due to storm damage. The top fall is about 1.5km further on and 250m higher up the mountain.

    We visit the Martuljek waterfalls on Walk 8 on a circular walk through the Sava valley from Kranjska Gora.

So, there we have our 10 favourites. What are yours? Would you add any and which would you demote? We would love to know! Perhaps you can recommend some waterfalls that you think we might like?

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