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10 Highest Mountains in Slovenia

All but one of 10 highest mountains in Slovenia are to be found in the Julian Alps, within the boundary of the Triglav National Park, the sole exception being Grintovec, the highest mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Many of these great summits can be reached by the walker who has a head for heights and enjoys some easy scrambling. Some are a little harder and self-belaying equipment is recommended. The ascents of many of Slovenia’s mountains can be made much easier by staying overnight in a nearby mountain hut.

Some photos are missing – we will try to fill these gaps on our next trip!

    Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain
    Triglav, 2,864m
  1. Triglav – 2,864m.

    Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia.  But it is more than that!  It seems that Triglav’s summit is almost a place of pilgimage for the Slovenes – in fact we have heard that only once you have climbed it, can you be considered a true Slovenian!  The mountain has pride of place on the nation’s flag which illustrates just how important it is!  It was first climbed in 1778 and there is a statue commerating the four climber’s ascent in Ribčev Laz.  Click on the link to read about our first ascent of Triglav that we made in September 2009.

  2. Škrlatica – 2,740m.

    Škrlatica lies between the Pišnica and Vrata valleys and is considered to be a difficult climb. The first ascent was made in 1880 by Julius Kugy, accompanied by the guide Andrej Komac and Matija Kravanja. (Pictured below)

  3. Mangrt or Mangart – 2,678m.

    Mangrt lies on the Italian border, north-west of Bovec. The 1300m North Wall is popular with climbers. The first ascent was made in 1794 by naturalist Francis Joseph Hannibal Hohenwart.

  4. Visoki Rokav – 2,646m.

    Visoki Rokav is the neighbouring, but slightly lower, peak of Škrlatica. It appears that there are no waymarked/protected routes to it’s summit. (Pictured below)

  5. Jalovec and Kugy Monument
    Jalovec, 2,645m and Kugy Monument
  6. Jalovec, 2,645m.

    Jalovec – a classic looking mountain (the Matterhorn of Slovenia) at the head of the Soča Valley and above Zadnja Trenta, from where it can be climbed (the approach from the Planica valley to the north is perhaps easier). There is a beautiful view of this peak from Sleme, on Walk 10. Karl Wurmb and two guides, Crnuta and Strgulc, were the first to climb it in 1875.

  7. Razor, 2601m
    Razor, 2601m

    Razor, 2601m.

    Razor is well seen from Trenta in the Soča Valley and from Kranjska Gora on the north side of the Vršič Pass. This view is from the ruined Italian barracks of Morbegna, just to the SW of Triglav. Referred to as The Royal of Julian Alps by Kugy, Razor was first climbed by Otto Sendtner in 1842. (Also pictured below)

  8. Kanjavec
    Kanjavec, 2,568m

    Razor, 2601m.

    Kanjavec is part of the Triglav group lying just to the SW. There is a protected route from Dolič but it easily climbed from Hribarice to the south (the route that we took on our mountain backpack in the Julian Alps. This view is from the mountain hut, Tržaška Koča na Doliču.

  9. Grintovec – 2,558m.

    Grintovec is the highest Slovenian peak outside of the Julian Alps. It belongs to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps which lie to the north of Kamnik. The botanist Scopoli made the first recorded ascent in 1759.

  10. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
    Prisonik (R), 2547m, Razor (L)

    Prisonik – 2547m.

    Prisojnik, also called Prisank, dominates the skyline when looking south over Kranjska Gora. It is most easily climbed from Vršič along a relatively easy and secured route. The mountain is well known for its two natural windows and the amazing “Girl’s Face”, Ajdovska Deklica. (Also pictured below)

  11. Rž,
    Rž, 2,538m

    Rž, 2,538m.

    Rž is part of the Triglav group and lies to the east. It is most easily reached from Kredarica but it seems it is not a peak for the walker as there is no easy or even secured route to the top. Perhaps one of the best views is from near Dom Valentina Staniča pod Triglavom.

View of Prisojnok and Razor (L) plus Škrlatica and Visoki Rokav (R) from Morbegna in the Julian Alps, Slovenia.
View of Prisojnok and Razor (L) plus Škrlatica and Visoki Rokav (R) from Morbegna in the Julian Alps, Slovenia.

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