Bohinj – Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia

Bohinj – Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia

Bohinj - decorated church tower
Bohinj – decorated church tower

Bohinjska Bistrica is the main commercial and administrative centre of the Bohinj area but the highlights and attractions of Bohinj are to be found in the two valleys, Zgornja (higher) and Spodnja (lower) Dolina and around Lake Bohinj, 6km to the west. Undoubtedly the area’s natural scenic beauty is it’s main asset but the visitor will also discover medieval churches, museums and, in the villages, a pace of life that is perhaps a little more relaxed.

Attractions around Bohinjska Bistrica

Lake Bohinj and Ribcev Laz from Pec
Lake Bohinj and Ribčev Laz from Pec
  • Ribčev Laz Lying at the eastern end of Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero) it is a picture postcard location, a tourist “honeypot” and understandably so! Just across the bridge over the Sava Bohinjka is the beautiful old church of Sv Janeza Krstnika (St John the Baptist), with its decorated bell-tower and interior decorated with 15th and 16th-century frescoes. Opening times vary, but the Bohinj Tourist Office in the village will have the details. Less visited but just as attractive is the church of Sv Duh (Holy Spirit) on the southern shore of the Lake. On the shore, beside the road, you will find a statue of the fabled golden-horned chamois, Zlatorog.
  • Lake Bohinj – surrounded by the mountains of the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj is Slovenia’s largest permanent Lake. It is a beautiful and peaceful spot, perhaps best viewed from Ribčev Laz or, if you would like an overall view, from the viewpoint on Peč (see our Walk 23). The water is clear and easily warm enough in summer for swimming. There is also a very attractive walk around the Lake (Walk 20). Boat trips on the lake board at Ribčev Laz or Ukanc at the western end.
  • Vogel cable car – the trip up to the Vogel Ski Station by cable car is a popular outing, many just going for the view over to the Triglav massif. We use it to access the fine ridge walking between the mountains Rudnica and Vogel (Walk 19 and Walk 24).
  • Slap Savica waterfall – The source of Slovenia’s longest river, the Sava. A 78m fall and a magnificent sight, particularly after heavy rain! There is a carpark about 4km beyond Lake Bohinj. There is also a footpath from Ukanc (see Walk 20). Entrance fee. Open seasonally – check with the Bohinj Tourist Office.
Toplarji, Stara Fuzina, Bohinj
Toplarji, Stara Fuzina, Bohinj
  • Stara Fuzina – home to the Alpine dairy Museum. Open all year except from late October to Christmas, times vary.
  • Mostnica Gorge – a deep gorge in the Voje Valley. In season there is an entrance fee. Our Walk 22 explores this valley as far as the Mostnica waterfall
  • Studor – the Oplen House in the village centre is well worth a visit to learn about village life in 19th-century Bohinj. Opening times are the same as the Alpine Dairy Museum in Stara Fuzina. Studor, is perhaps most famous for its double hayracks or toplarji – the best ones are at the entrance to the village. Our Walk 23 goes through this charming village.


We have six walks around Bohinj in our book, but there are lots, lots more.

Accommodation in Bohinj and Bohinjska Bistrica

Bohinj and Bohinjska Bistrica has a wide range of accommodation. Newly opened in 2009 is the eco-friendly 5* Bohinj Park Hotel in Bohinjska Bistrica.  There are two campsites, Kamp Zlatorog at the western end of Lake Bohinj and our favourite, Camp Danica, on the outskirts of Bohinjska Bistrica. We advise you to book in the summer months!

The Bohinj Local Tourist Board has lots of useful information and it has two offices, one in Bohinjska Bistrica and the other in Ribčev Laz.

Public transport

Bohinj is easily reached by bus or train.

Car parking in Bohinj

There is a parking charge at all car-parks beside or near Lake Bohinj. If you are staying in the area it might be more economical to purchase the Bohinj Guest Card which entitles the holder to free parking, plus a range of discounts in certain shops and visitor attractions. The card can be purchased at the Tourist Offices in Ribčev Laz and Bohinja Bistrica, at Camp Danica and at some other locations. Ask at your hotel or apartment reception.

Bohinjska Bistrica has a good range of shops, cafes and restaurants. Trips, excursions and activities of all kinds can be booked at the Bohinj Local Tourist Board.

Walking by hayracks in Zgornja Dolina, Bohinj
Walking by hayracks in Zgornja Dolina, Bohinj

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4 thoughts on “Bohinj – Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia

  1. I’d like to park my car near Lake Bohinj and trek for one week in Triglav National Park. Is there a long term parking option near Lake Bohinj?

    1. Hi Andrea,

      I don’t think there is. You might find some street parking in Bohinjska Bistrica or Bled – you can then take a bus to Lake Bohinj.

      I hope that helps, have a good trip!

  2. Hi David!

    For future reference:

    I emailed the tourist office at Lake Bohinj and asked whether there was long term parking in Bohinjska Bistrica. They told me there is no long-term parking. Parking costs €12 per day, which is fine – the problem is that one is expected to buy a new parking permit every day and post it in the windshield, and I won’t be able to do that if I am trekking in the National Park. The tourist office told me that if I want to go trekking for several days, I can buy several parking permits, write the pertinent date on each permit, and post them in a row on the windshield.

    I’ve also found out that one can park for free under the ski jumps in Planica, which might therefore be a better point of entry into Triglav National Park. I can get from Bohinj back to Planica on the bus.

    Cheers, Andrea

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