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Driving to Slovenia from the UK

Driving to Slovenia from the UK

Driving to Slovenia is a popular option and easy to do providing that you have the time and are well prepared before you set off.  Whilst we have driven to Slovenia many times, we are not authorities on the legal aspects of driving abroad and so have only provided links to helpful websites.

All vehicles using Austrian motorways (autobahns) and expressways must display a motorway tax sticker (vignette), which you can buy at the border and at major service stations.  Penalties for not displaying the vignette can be severe, so don’t risk it!  (Slovenia also requires a vignette for motorways and they can also be bought in Germany as well as bordering countries – follow this link for Slovenia motorway vignette information).  Some tunnels in Austria are tolled, for example the A10 Tauern Autobahn, south of Salzburg.

For peace of mind consider vehicle breakdown cover. This will get you on the road again after a breakdown and, in the worst case scenario, get you and your vehicle home again if it cannot be fixed or you are involved in a road traffic accident.

For most countries in Europe you will need a warning triangle, high-visibility vests, a First-Aid kit, spare bulbs, and some form of GB sticker (or at least a Euro-GB number plate). A fire-extinguisher is also recommended.  All these are readily available from the likes of Halfords or the Amazon Automotive Store.

Routes across the continent.

Its approximately a 850-900 mile drive across the continent from the Channel ports to Ljubjana and we can usually cover this in a day and a half (about 13 hours driving). Most of the journey is on motorways and there are plenty of service areas to rest and refuel.  Don’t forget your Sat-Nav or Road Atlas! We have prepared a few routes with Google maps, like the one below from Calais to Ljubljana, with ready made directions (they can be easily edited) – simply click on the links.

View Calais Ferry to Ljubljana, Slovenia in a larger map

Dunkerque Ferry to Ljubljana
Oostende Ferry to Ljubljana
Zeebrugge Ferry to Ljubljana
Ijmuiden (Netherlands) to Ljubljana

Please leave a comment below, or contact us, if you have some up to date information that you think might be useful or any suggestions to improve Slovenia-walking.

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