Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia

Bled is undoubtably Slovenia’s jewel in the crown and this is borne out by the 1000’s of visitors who come to stay, walk around Lake Bled, visit the Castle and take a pletna boat across to the church on the lake’s island.  Some come to get married too!  It is also a fine base from which to explore other parts of Slovenia.

Attractions in Bled

  • The Lake and it’s pretty island on which stands the church of St Maria – hire a rowing boat or take a romantic pletna boat and be rowed across the lake.  There is a fine walk around the lake, the first walk in our walking guide to Slovenia, although in the summer months it can get very busy – make the effort to get up early to see the sunrise and have it all to yourself!  Although there are fine views all around the lake, we think the best are from the western shore.
  • Pletna and Bled Castle, Slovenia
    Pletna and Bled Castle

    Bled Grad (Castle) – perched high above the lake the castle holds several attractions including a museum, printing works and wine cellar.  There are grand views over the town and lake.  Visit the Bled Castle website for more information.

  • Vintgar Gorge – a popular trip from Bled and easily accessible by car or bus (more buses visit Sp. Gorje, only a few minutes walk away).  A walk on the boardwalks above the rushing Radovna River is a walk to remember – see our walk through the Vintgar Gorge.


We have six walks around or nearby Bled in our book, but there are lots, lots more.

Accommodation in Bled

Bled has a huge range of accommodation to choose from. There are also two camping sites nearby. We usually camp when visiting Bled and our favorite site is Camping Bled at the quieter, western end of the lake.  It is a very popular site and is exceptionally well managed with very friendly staff.  It has all the facilities that you would expect from a top-class camping site including a well-stocked shop and restaurant.

The Bled Tourist Board has lots of useful information.

Public transport

Bled is easily reached by bus or train, although the railway station situated above the north-western shore of the lake is inconveniently placed for the resort centre and hotels.

Bled has all the usual gift shops that you would expect, as well as cafes, restaurants and, if you fancy a flutter, a casino.  Trips, excursions and activities of all kinds can be booked at any of the tourist agencies.  The Bled Tourist Board website is useful and they can help you with all your holiday needs.

Bled Castle, Slovenia
Bled Castle, Slovenia

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