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Learning and speaking the Slovenian language

Slovene Digital Dialect

Slovene I stumbled across this interesting Slovene language site – It’s an entertaining way of improving your Slovenian vocabulary by completing some simple but fun exercises or games. Areas covered include greetings, numbers, colours, animals, food and some general vocabulary. Have fun!  … Read the rest

Slovene for Walkers

Slovene It is fortunate for foreign visitors that the Slovenians are excellent linguists. You will find that most young people speak at least some English while the older generation will understand German. Their language bears few similarities to English and the grammar is complex, but do try to use some words – your efforts will be much appreciated. Below we   … Read the rest

Slovene – pronunciation

Slovene Slovene pronunciation guide. (Taken from “Slovenian for Travelers” with kind permission from the author, Miran Hladnik). The Slovenian language has 25 letters. It does not have the letters W,Q,X,Y but it does have three others. These  are Č, Š and Ž. The mark above the letters is called a strešica or “little roof”. A Fa  … Read the rest

Learning the Slovene language

Slovene I’m not a linguist. I failed my CSE French with a grade E or F, so getting to grips with Slovene was never going to be easy! (Sarah is much better and has a working grasp of both French and German). We have been travelling to Slovenia since 2001 and our Slovene is very basic. We have no excuse!   … Read the rest

Language notes for using Slovenian timetables

Just like any other timetables, Slovenian ones can be a bit complicated and you may need some help reading the service notes. So here a few words, phrases and terms that you may come across. On the bus or train, “please – prosim”, “thank you – hvala” and a smile will be appreciated. If you cannot pronounce the name of   … Read the rest