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Holiday information for towns and cities in Slovenia

Tolmin, Slovenia

Tolmin is the main administrative centre of the Upper Soča Valley but seems to miss out as a major tourist destination. The River Soča is now wider and more placid and less attractive to kayakers and rafters, the hills lower and wooded and less exciting than their neighbouring mountains further up the valley. But hidden in nearby valleys are a   … Read the rest

Kobarid, Slovenia

The Charnel House and Sv Anton, Kobarid Kobarid, forever to be associated with WWI and the battles of the Isonzo Front, is a small town sitting a little above the River Soča and at the base of steep wooded mountains. Close to the border, Kobarid has a distinct Italian flavour. The Soča Valley narrows immediately to the north of   … Read the rest

Bovec, Soča Valley, Slovenia

Kayaking on the River Soca, Slovenia Bovec is popular with many sporting enthusiasts; including kayakers and rafters who come for the rapids of the River Soča; paragliders who come for the thermals and superb flying conditions of the Soča Valley; in winter, skiers visit Slovenia’s highest ski station on Mt. Kanin; and, of course, hikers and walkers come to climb   … Read the rest

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia Kranjska Gora is perhaps better known as a skiing resort but when the snow melts away there is some fine walking in the valleys and, as the town nestles below the Julian Alps, on the mountains too.  The old town centre is small but pretty and from the Tourist Information Centre there we begin our walks. Attractions   … Read the rest

Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia Bled is undoubtably Slovenia’s jewel in the crown and this is borne out by the 1000’s of visitors who come to stay, walk around Lake Bled, visit the Castle and take a pletna boat across to the church on the lake’s island.  Some come to get married too!  It is also a fine base from which   … Read the rest