Kobarid, Slovenia

Kobarid, Slovenia

The Charnel House and Sv Anton, Kobarid
The Charnel House and Sv Anton, Kobarid

Kobarid, forever to be associated with WWI and the battles of the Isonzo Front, is a small town sitting a little above the River Soča and at the base of steep wooded mountains. Close to the border, Kobarid has a distinct Italian flavour. The Soča Valley narrows immediately to the north of the town and it was here, and on the surrounding mountains that the Austro-Hungarian and German forces eventually pushed back the Italians after more than two years of stalemate. Ernest Hemmingway described the town (then called Caporetto) in his novel, A Farewell to Arms, and the horror that was WWI. Today, the bustling centre hosts visitors who come for the wide-ranging sporting opportunities – kayakers and rafters enjoy the River Soča, paragliders have easy access to the surrounding hills and revel in the world famous thermals, and of course, there are walkers and holidaymakers.

Attractions around Kobarid

River Soča, near Kobarid, Slovenia
River Soča, near Kobarid
  • The River Soča – a draw for kayakers from all over Europe.  Truly, a most beautiful river, sometimes acqua-marine in colour, sometimes blue, sometimes wild and raging, sometimes, gentle and placid, the river has areas suitable for beginner kayakers as well those more experienced. There are opportunities for rafting too.
  • Slap Boka – The magnificent Boka waterfall, easily seen from the main road to Kobarid, is an awe-inspiring sight. Impressive enough from the road, a short but steep walk leads up to a fabulous viewpoint.
  • The church of St Anton and the Italian Charnel House – built in memory the Italian soldiers who died in the First World War. Over 7000 soldiers are interred here. Our Walk 16 visits here.
  • The Kobarid Museuma fascinating museum about Kobarid and the Isonzo Front.
  • Slap Kozjak – just a short walk away from Kobarid, this beautiful waterfall is hidden away in the woods below the village of Drežnica.  Our Walk No.16 also passes this way.
  • Drežnica – a lovely village set in a beautiful location.  We have two walks starting here or nearby, Walk 14 to Krasji vrh and Walk 18 to some hidden waterfalls


We have four walks around Kobarid in our book, but eight altogether in the Soča Valley.

Accommodation in Kobarid

Self-catering accommodation at Kamp Koren
Self-catering accommodation at Kamp Koren

Kobarid has one hotel, the 4* Hotel Hvala, guest houses, apartments, rooms and two campsites within walking distance of the town centre. Of the two, Kamp Koren is our favourite.  It is often busy but it is exceptionally well run and always welcoming.  There are also campsites within just a few miles such as Kamp Vili at Volarje, near Tolmin. We advise you to book in the summer months! The Kobarid Tourist Information Centre has lots of useful information.

Nearby Bovec has a good range of accomodation.

Public transport

Kobarid is easily reached by bus.

The nearest railway station is at Most na Soči, 22km away.

Kobarid has a small but good supermarket, bakers and fruit/veg shops, cafes and restaurants. Trips, excursions and activities of all kinds can be booked at the Kobarid Tourist Information Centre.

Slap Kozjak near Kobarid, Slovenia.
Slap Kozjak near Kobarid, Slovenia.

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