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Luče and Solčava

Church of Our Lady of the Snows (Marija Snežna), Solcava
Church of Our Lady of the Snows (Marija Snežna), Solcava

The remote Upper Savinja Valley in Štajerska is a playground for walkers, mountaineers, cyclists and kayakers. The two villages of Luče and Solčava, situated near the head of the valley, are ideal bases from which to explore this beautiful valley and the surrounding hills and mountains.

Attractions in and around Luče and Solčava

Igla (The Needle), near Luče
Igla (The Needle), near Luče
    • Igla and Presihajoči Studenec – About 4km north of Luče and towering above the road is the rock tower of Igla, the Needle. (Local legend says that a girl lived in Savinja valley who was so big that she stood on mountains either side of the valley and washed laundry in the Savinja river. One day she was sewing a shirt but in the rough canvas her needle broke, so she threw it into the valley). Below it is a most unusual feature, Presihajoči Studenec, a small hollow that fills with water which is then drained by an underground siphon at regular intervals. To the left of this is a little path that climbs to the base of the Igla, once the only footpath between Luče and Solčava and passing through a narrow fissure in the rocks before dropping back down to the road opposite the bar.
    • Snežna jama (Snow Cave) – found high up on the slopes of Mt. Raduha, above Luče is Snežna jama, a wonderful cave with ice formations. A guide leads you through the cave and your only light is from the carbide lamps that you carry. Accessible by car via a forestry road. Open: 1st June to 14th July Sat, Sun, Holidays 9.00-17.00, 15th July- 30th Aug: daily 9.00-17.00, Sept: Sat, Sun, Holidays 9.00-17.00.
    • Church of Our Lady of the Snows (Marija Snežna) in Solčava – it dates to the 15th century and contains a 13th century statue of the Virgin Mary. (Pictured above).
Logarska Dolina
Logarska Dolina
  • Logarska Dolina – a beuatiful alpine U-shaped valley carved by a glacier out of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. One of our walks explores some of the features of this stunning valley and another visits the Slap Rinka Waterfall and the source of the Savinja River.
  • Robanov Kot – just as beautiful (we think) as Logarska Dolina but much less visited. Access on foot only, so take a picnic or, in season, eat at the hut at the head of the valley. Our Walk 38 explores Robanov Kot.


We have four walks within easy reach from Luče and Solčava in our book.

Accommodation in Luče and Solčava

Accommodation is a little limited in Luče. It has no hotels, but several Tourist Farms offer accommodation. There is a small campsite, with excellent facilities, just to the north of the village. Solčava has even less choice but in Logarska Dolina you will find hotels and Tourist Farms. See the Luče Tourist Information Centre and Logarska Dolina websites for more details.

Public transport

The Upper Savinja Valley is easily reached by public transport.

Shopping facilities are limited are limited in both villages but the local Mercator food-stores will satisfy most needs. Both places have an Inn where you can get a meal.

Barn and field in Robanov Kot
Barn and field in Robanov Kot

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