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Lake Bled and the island Otok, Bled, Slovenia.
Lake Bled, early autumn.

Why not treat yourself, your family or friends to a print of Slovenia. David is a professional photographer who markets his images through several agencies and from his own website, Scot-image.

Coming Soon!  A image gallery of our Slovenia images with eCommerce.  All photographs are professionally printed will be available in a range of sizes, print finishes and display options.

Publishers requiring a licence are asked to make contact via this site’s Contact Form or via the Scot-image website.  Thank you.

Lake Bled and Blejski Otok with Bled Castle behind, Slovenia.
Lake Bled.

Lake Bled and the island Otok with the Church of the Assumption with Bled Castle behind at dawn.
Lake Bled, purple dawn.

Lake Bled and the island Otok, Bled, Slovenia.
Lake Bled, sunrise.

The cliffs of Jalovec from the slopes Sleme, just below Slemenova Spica, near Vrsic and Kranjska Gora, Gorenjska, Slovenia.
Jalovec from Sleme.

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