Language notes for using Slovenian timetables

Language notes for using Slovenian timetables

Just like any other timetables, Slovenian ones can be a bit complicated and you may need some help reading the service notes. So here a few words, phrases and terms that you may come across.

On the bus or train, “please – prosim”, “thank you – hvala” and a smile will be appreciated. If you cannot pronounce the name of where you want to go, simply point to it on a map or guidebook. Once on the journey it is natural to worry about getting off! – we find that most rural bus drivers will make sure that you get off at the right stop.

We also have a handy Slovene pronunciation guide and a Slovenian vocabulary for walkers on the website, as well as in the book.

  • Vozni red – timetable
  • Avtobus – bus
  • Vlak – train
  • Remiza – bus station/depot
  • Avtobusno postajališče –  bus-stop
  • Železniška postaja – railway station

Days of the week

  • Ponedeljek – Monday
  • Torek – Tuesday
  • Sreda – Wednesday
  • Četrtek – Thursday
  • Petek – Friday
  • Sobota – Saturday
  • Nedelja – Sunday

Months of the year –

  • Januar – January
  • Februar – February
  • Marec – March
  • April – April
  • Maj – May
  • Junij – June
  • Julij – July
  • Avgust – August
  • September – September
  • Oktober – October
  • November – November
  • December – December

Some phrases/terms –

    • Vozi vsak dan od 1.7. do 31.08  – Runs  every day from 1.7. do 31.08. to 31.08
    • Vozi ob delavnikih od ponedeljka do petka – Runs on weekdays from Monday to Friday
    • Vozi ob nedeljah in praznikih – Runs on Sundays and holidays
    • Vozi ob sobotah v času od 1.6.-31.8 – Runs on Saturdays in the period 1.6.-31.8
    • Vozi od ponedeljka do petka, julija in avgusta – Runs from Monday to Friday, July and August
    • Vozi ob delavnikih od ponedeljka do sobote – Runs on weekdays from Monday to Saturday
    • Vozi ob delavnikih razen sobote – Runs on weekdays except Saturdays
    • Vozi v dneh šolskega pouka – Runs in the days of school lessons
    • Vozi v dneh šolskih počitnic – Runs in the days of school holidays
    • Ne vozi – Not running
    • Ne vozi od 27.12. do 31.12 – Does not run from 27.12. do 31.12 to 31.12

Please, if you can add anything else to this list (or spot a mistake) please leave a comment below or contact us.

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