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A 12 Day Walking Tour in the Julian Alps of Slovenia

Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain
Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain

In the autumn of 2009 David and I completed one of the most exciting and exhilarating walking trips we have ever done, a grand walking tour in the Julian Alps. Since our first visit to Slovenia in 2001 we had always dreamed of climbing Triglav and incorporating this challenge into a circular walk and sleeping in   … Read the rest

24. Vogel, Bohinj, Slovenia

Walk 24 – Vogel, a mountain walk above Bohinj from a Walking Guide to Slovenia.

Triglav from the Vogel Ski Station
Triglav from the Vogel Ski Station

A relatively easy mountain walk above Bohinjin the Julian Alps, to the summit of Vogel (1922m). We use the Vogel Cable Car to gain a bit of height!

Start/Finish – Vogel Ski Station car park

Distance – 10km/6.2miles  … Read the rest

A drive over the Vršič Pass, or Russian Road

The Vršič Pass, which rises to a height of 1611 metres, is the highest pass in Slovenia. It connects, in the north, the Sava Dolinka Valley in

Vršič Pass - mountain view
Vršič Pass – mountain view

Gorenjska to the the Soča Valley in Primorska, in the south. The road, impassable in the winter months, is an exhilarating and spectacular drive, climbing and descending 49   … Read the rest

19. Ridge walk above Bohinj, Slovenia

Walk 19 – above Bohinj from Črna prst to Rodica, from a Walking Guide to Slovenia.

View from Konjski vrh to Črna prst
View from Konjski vrh to Črna prst

Marvellous ridge walking on the edge of the Julian Alps with stupendous views across Bohinj to Triglav in the north and far reaching vistas over the wooded hills of Primorska to the south-west.

Start/Finish – Štržišče  … Read the rest