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Walking and hiking information for holidays in Slovenia. Routes and suggestions.

Slovenia Estates – Real Estate Agency

Slovenia Estates

Interested in buying or renting real estate in Slovenia? Look no further!
Set up in 2006 as the first English-run licensed real estate agency in Slovenia, Slovenia Estates have solidified their position at the top of the industry ever since with their attention to detail and sheer passion to help prospective buyers get exactly what they desire.
Whether it is buying real estate, long-term rental, holiday rental, property management or much more, help is at hand in a number of languages.


Slovenia EstatesContact details:
Zabjak 2, 1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)51 62 24 44
+386 (0)41 95 87 35


Ok, you may not be planning on buying a house in Slovenia but Slovenia Estates offer holiday rental accommodation as well.  Its also really worth checking out their “Life in Slovenia” section for lots of inspiring articles on Adventure Sports, Fishing, Golf, Cuisine, Wines and City Guides – plus lots more!

Free WiFi hotspots in Slovenia

More and more of us are using the Internet when on holiday or travelling abroad these days but finding a good signal is not always easy. Roaming charges might also be an issue for UK visitors to Slovenia and other EU countries post Brexit. Let’s hope not.

An app, always an app, comes to the rescue here helping you to find Free WiFi Hotspot Locations in Slovenia.  Check it out.

MKL of “My Kafkaesque life” has kindly allowed us to use his Slovene/English translations which will help you understand  hotspot information.

  • WiFi točka – WiFi point
  • WiFi je prosto dostopen – WiFi is freely accessible
  • Javna dostopna točka – Public access point
  • Prostodostopen WiFi – Freely accessible WiFi
  • Na voljo računalnik – Available computer
  • Prost dostop do interneta – Free Internet access
  • Brezplačni WiFi – WiFi free of charge
  • Brezplačen – Free of charge
  • Odprt, odprta – Open
  • Dostop – Access
  • Prost dostop – Free access
  • Ni zaklenjen – Not locked
  • Odklenjen – Unlocked
  • Geslo – Password
  • Restavracija – Restaurant
  • Pivo – Beer
  • Kava z mlekom – Coffee with milk

On some Slovenian campsites you can also enjoy free internet access. The ones we know of are Camping Bled, Camp Danica in Bohinjska Bistrica, Camp Triglav in Trenta, Kamp Koren near Kobarid and Pivka jama Campsite near Postojna. Please add to the list if you know of any more, there are bound to be others!

Kurentovanje festival in Ptuj

Ptuj beside the River Drava
Ptuj beside the River Drava

The Kurentovanje festival in Ptuj. Now this looks like fun!

The Kurentovanje is the most important carnival event in Slovenia with a 50-year-old tradition which preserve the ethnographical tradition.

Full details of this 11 day festival (05 Feb 2010 to 16 Feb 2010) and loads of pictures can be found at the Kurentovanje website.

Kurentovanje Festival in Ptuj - © Andrejj at Wikimedia Commons
Kurentovanje Festival in Ptuj – © Andrejj at Wikimedia Commons

Besides the festival, Ptuj is a great place to visit (as well as pronounce!, try Pertooee). Situated beside the wide River Drava, the heart of this medieval town is overlooked by Ptuj Grad which dates back to the first half of the 12th century, but most of the present day castle dates from between the 14th and 18th centuries.

St Florian Column in Mestni trg
St Florian Column in Mestni trg

The castle also houses the Ptuj Regional Museum. The narrow streets and squares are fun to wander through, there always seem to be something interesting around every corner such as the Florian Column in Mestni trg.

Full details of Pjuj’s attractions, accommodation and restaurants etc, can be found at the Ptuj Tourist Information Centre website.

Group Accommodation in Slovenia

Book group accommodation in Slovenia
Book group accommodation in Slovenia also offer a group booking service which makes finding the right place to stay in Slovenia quick and easy. cater for families, school and college groups, hen and stag trips plus sports groups. In fact, whatever your group or interest we recommend contacting them for a quotation.

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Budget Accommodation in Slovenia

Book budget accommodation in Slovenia
Book budget accommodation in Slovenia

Use the search box on the right or follow the links that are found throughout the website (similar to the one below) to find a selection of hostels, cheap hotels, inns, rooms and apartments in the area that you are reading about – most of the walk information pages and town/city pages have these links.

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We have always camped or stayed in mountain huts on our trips to Slovenia and have only stayed at one hotel in Slovenia, the excellent 4* Hotel Park in Bled, so we cannot make recommendations. Instead, we advise you to read the reviews on

Slovene for Walkers


It is fortunate for foreign visitors that the Slovenians are excellent linguists. You will find that most young people speak at least some English while the older generation will understand German. Their language bears few similarities to English and the grammar is complex, but do try to use some words – your efforts will be much appreciated. Below we have listed basic words and phrases that should help in an emergency, and others that you will frequently come across while you are walking and touring. We have also included on another page a simple guide to Slovene pronunciation.

A few useful phrases and words.

Hello, Good morning Dober Dan
Good evening Dober večer
Goodbye Na svidenje
Please/you’re welcome/can I help you? Prosim
Thank you Hvala
Yes, No Ja, Ne
Do you speak English? Ali govorite angleško?
Help! Na Pomoč!
I’m lost Izgubil/Izgubila sem se (m/f)
How do I get to…? Kako pridem do…?
Where is…? Kje je…?
Straight ahead Naravnost naprej
Turn left/right at the… Zavijte na levo/desno pri…
Up/down Zgoraj/spodaj
To go up/down gor/dol
North, east, south, west Sever, vzhod, jug, zahod
Entrance, exit Vhod, izhod
Open, closed, diversion Odprto, zaprto, obvoz
Hotel Hotel
Inn, inn with accommodation Gostilna, gostišče
Room Soba
Toilets – men, women Stranišče – Moški, ženske

Below are some other useful words encountered on the maps and in our text in the book, as well as on Slovenia-Walking

Slovene English English Slovene
Bivak Bivouac/hut Alpine pasture Planina
Cerkev Church At/by/near Pri
Cesta Road Bivouac/hut Bivak
Dolina Valley Bridge Most
Dom Mountain hut/hostel Castle Grad
Gora Mountain Cave Jama
Gozd Forest Church Cerkev
Grad Castle Corner Kot
Hrib Hill Forest Gozd
Jama Cave Gorge Soteska
Jezero Lake Great V. (Veliki)
Koča Mountain hut Hill Hrib
Korito Ravine Hut (mountain) Koča
Kot Corner Hostel (mountain hut) Dom
M. (Mali) Little Lake Jezero
Most Bridge Little M. (Mali)
Naravni most Rock bridge Lower Sp. (Spodnji)
Planina Alpine pasture Middle Sr. (Srednja)
Po On/upon/by Mountain Gora
Pod Under/below On/upon/by Po
Pot Path/trail Pass/saddle/col Sedlo
Potok Stream Path/trail Pot
Pri At/by/near Ravine Korito
Razglednik Viewpoint River Reka
Reka River Road Cesta
Sedlo Pass/saddle/col Rock bridge Naravni most
Slap Waterfall Stream Potok
Soteska Gorge Street Ulica
Sp. (Spodnji) Lower Summit Vrh
Sr. (Srednja) Middle Under/below Pod
Ulica Street Upper Zg. (Zgornji)
Vrh Summit Valley Dolina
V. (Veliki) Great Viewpoint Razglednik
Zg. (Zgornji) Upper Waterfall Slap

Please, if you think we should add some other words to these lists (or spot a mistake) please leave a comment below or contact us.

Thanks to Bojan Kralj who kindly spotted and reported a few typos and suggested another entry.

Slovene – pronunciation


Slovene pronunciation guide. (Taken from “Slovenian for Travelers” with kind permission from the author, Miran Hladnik).
The Slovenian language has 25 letters. It does not have the letters W,Q,X,Y but it does have three others. These  are Č, Š and Ž. The mark above the letters is called a strešica or “little roof”.

A Father or but M Mom
B To be N Nothing
C Switzerland O Horn or hot
Č Chocolate P Path
D Day R Road
E Bed, fat or the S Seven
F Far Š Shock
G Garage T Taxi
H Spanish Juan or Scottish loch U Soon
I See or hit V Vase
J Yes or hey Z Zero
K Kick Ž Pleasure
L Left

L and V at the end of a word or before another consonant are pronounced like the English W.
D and Ž together are pronounced like English J.
Slovenian has some words that have few or no vowels. They are easier to pronounce than you might think e.g. the mountain Krn sounds like Kern and vrh (summit) sounds like ver.